Sing Street (2016)
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Sing Street (2016)

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Sing Street (2016)
Sing Street (2016) Sing Street (2016) 8.1 / 10 by 362 users
Title:Sing Street
Genre: Romance, Drama, Music
Release: 2016-04-15
Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 106 min.
Plot: This is the beginning of the eighties and everybody is moving to the beat of Pop music, as the brand-new concept of the music video appears on television for the first time. On the other hand, in Dublin, Conor, a teenager with a sensitive heart, is trying to deal with a tense family relationship, reconnect with his older brother, while dealing with the hostile environment of his new public school... But then one day, he saw her. Tall, with long chestnut hair, a buttery complexion and big, blue eyes, an enigmatically beautiful girl was standing in front of the gate of his school, indolently observing people passing by. Who is she and how could a boy ever get noticed by such a distant girl? Easy... he would form a band! With every lyric Conor writes, the gap narrows and with every song he plays, her heart fills with affection. In a sea of opportunities ahead of them, what does the future hold for a love like this?

Characters : Conor

Actor : Ferdia Walsh-Peelo


Characters : Raphina

Actor : Lucy Boynton


Characters : Penny

Actor : Maria Doyle Kennedy


Characters : Robert

Actor : Aidan Gillen


Characters : Brendan

Actor : Jack Reynor


Characters : Ann

Actor : Kelly Thornton


Characters : Darren

Actor : Ben Carolan


Characters : Eamon

Actor : Mark McKenna


Characters : Ngig

Actor : Percy Chamburuka


Characters : Larry

Actor : Conor Hamilton

Fifth Former

Characters : Fifth Former

Actor : Kyle Bradley Donaldson


Characters : Garry

Actor : Karl Rice


Characters : Barry

Actor : Ian Kenny

Brother Baxter

Characters : Brother Baxter

Actor : Don Wycherley

Mrs. Dunne

Characters : Mrs. Dunne

Actor : Lydia McGuinness


Characters : Larry

Actor : Connor Hamilton


Characters : Surveyor

Actor : Pádraig J. Dunne

Eamon's Mum

Characters : Eamon's Mum

Actor : Marcella Plunkett

Barry's Dad

Characters : Barry's Dad

Actor : Keith McErlean


Characters : Jacinta

Actor : Eva-Jane Gaffney

Brother Barnabas

Characters : Brother Barnabas

Actor : Des Keogh

Mick Mahon

Characters : Mick Mahon

Actor : Kian Murphy


Characters : Evan

Actor : Peter Campion


Characters : Surveyor

Actor : Paul Roe

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